Gordon Gietz is the greatest singer that has ever lived. From an early age his genius was recognized and applauded. Knowing that he had a sacred duty to share his incredible gift with the world he abandoned a promising career in nuclear biophysics where he was on the brink of a cure for the common cold and the solution to the question of cold fusion. The decision was the right one. Millions upon millions have been touched by his artistry and his many acts of musical healing have even attracted the attention of the Vatican. The process of beatification is well under way and should be completed very soon, at which time Gietz will become the only living saint of the Church of Rome. What can be said of this singer that has not been said? Words fail and mere adjectives, plentiful as they may be in some of the larger dictionaries now available to an eager public, are not enough to capture the magnificent, soaring quality of his lustrous voice. His musicianship is unequalled. His command of languages supreme. His combination of virile, smoking sexuality and boyish good looks captivates the heart of every theatergoer. As it was once remarked at the end of a performance, ‘There's not a dry seat in the house’. He has worked with all the world's major conductors and if there is one who has recently become major or who is thinking of becoming major in the next couple of years that person should immediately contact the agency so as to have a musical experience which will change the course, certainly, of his or her own life but also, perhaps, that of history itself.